z Cockapoos
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All puppies are $1500 per puppy.  If you have decided you want to own a "DEAZ" baby, but we do not have any at the moment then I suggest getting on the waiting list to adopt.  Follow this link for further instructions "How to Adopt."


We will have several puppies ready just in time for the holidays.  Please understand that a puppy is a 15 year commitment and not a gift.  Puppies turn into Dogs... If your family feels the holidays are the right time to adopt a family member that will be with you for years to come, then please apply.  If you are looking for a present for a child and are under the impression that the child is ready for this type of commitment and you are not interested in picking up the slack for the life of the dog then please do not get a puppy. 

10-22-18 Hazel (F3) x Austin (P) delivered 7 apricot puppies (2 female 5 male)  F3b Cockapoos. 20-25 pounds full grown.  Choose 11-26-18

10-22-18 Panda (P) x Toby (C). Has 9 puppies F1 Cockapoos (2 females 7 males) 5 black or sable parti (both females are this color) 2 red/white parti and 2 red tuxedo. Will be standard size 30-40 pounds full grown.

10-28-18 Punkie (P) x Biscuit (F2) delivered 8 puppies (4 females 4 males) all red in color.  F2b Cockapoos 18-30 pounds as adults.

10-30-18 Penny (P) x Harry (F2) delivered 6 puppies. (3 female 3 males) F2b Cockapoos Female red tuxedo, red parti, and merle 3 males are red tuxedo. Will be standard size 35-50 pounds as adults.

11-12-18  Finley x Stormy are expecting a litter of red poodles.  This will be our first ever poodle litter.  These will be AKC red/apricot Moyen poodles.

11-27-18  Cocoa x Harry due.  F2 Cockapoos.  Expecting all colors and merle. This will be an awesome litter for uniqueness. Will be 25-30 pounds as adults.

11-30-18  Rosie x Austin due.  F2b Cockapoos.  Expecting all reds.  This will be Rosie's last litter.  They will be 20-25 pounds as adults.

12-03-18 Mia x Rylie due.  F3 Cockapoos.  Expecting reds and chocolates.  Will be 15-20 pounds as adults.

12-04-18  Sophia x Austin due.  F2b Cockapoos.  Expecting Chocolate, red, and merle in this litter.  Will be 20-25 pounds as adults.

12-19-18 Anna x Duece due.  Small Standard Poodles  Should be 35-40 pounds.  Will need a guardian for one of these. 


All puppies will...


  • have natural tails... There is not a medical reason to remove them so we leave them long.

  • dew claws will be removed

  • tracking microchip included

  • vet check complete

  • up-to-date on all shots and deworming

  • ACC registration

  • 1 year health guarantee (2 years with the use of NuVet)

  • good start to potty training (start this at 6 weeks after they get first puppy shots.)

  • have the ability to love you unconditionally!