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Specializing in completing families since 2009

 We raise quality Cockapoos in our home located in East Central Indiana.  Roughly one hour from Dayton, OH, Cincinnati, OH, and Indianapolis, IN.   We have a firm belief that all dogs deserve a family and we do not waver from this.  All of our dogs have a family to love and are pets before they are breeding dogs.  The puppies are born and raised in my home with my family and team of Deaz employees.  We are completely involved with the development of the puppies from the day they are born.  The puppies are registered with the American Cockapoo Club (ACC.) We LOVE these compassionate fur babies!


In 2009 we bought our first Cockapoo and he is the best dog that we have ever owned.  He is seriously SMART, soft and cuddly, always wanting to please, and great with the children.   My daughter even showed him in 4H her first year of Mini's as a 1st grader and he was able to perform all of the commands with very little effort from us.   Charlie is still looking as cute as he did as a puppy. 

We love and believe in this breed.   It is a wonderful addition to any family.  They are low to medium energy and do great in apartments or small homes.  Most do not shed and all are hypoallergenic with very low dander. 

We produce all sizes:

Toy: under 15 pounds

Mini: 15-30 pounds

Standard: over 30 pounds

Charlie pictured at 10 years old!

References Available

We love to watch our puppies grow into adulthood and celebrate milestones as they age.  Click on the picture and follow the link to our extend family Facebook group, request to join, and become a part of the family.  This group is full of dogs and families that have adopted from us and is a good place to get unsolicited references.  I encourage you to reach out and ask any member for a reference on their puppy buying experience.  We welcome any serious buyers or current Deaz dog owners to join the group.


The following video is the coolest update we have ever received from a customer.  You will see one of our beloved Lola X Biscuit puppies (Watson) grow through a series of 1 second videos every day.  Watson is an apricot color.

"He is so loving and is bringing us great joy.  Our whole neighborhood has fallen in love with him."

"Stuart is a beautiful dog.  Everywhere we go, people fall in love with his looks and his coat.  We are consistently complimented on how beautiful he is.  Looks aside, Stuart has really been a angel.  His presence has changed the feel of the house for the better, and his companionship and playfulness has brought new joy and vitality into our family.  From my family to yours, thank you!"

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