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Cockapoo is the best breed available having the smarts of a poodle paired with the unconditional love of a Cocker Spaniel.  Do not get hung up on the generation of the dog it is far less important than the features and health of the animals used to breed.  Our dogs are very well cared for with all the right features, blood line, and overall health.  All of our dogs have had their eyes tested and are completely clear with the exception of Gizmo who is a carrier and will breed with a clear so the puppies will not have any chances of health issues.  These dogs are handpicked to make the best puppies available.  Six of these cuties live in our home and the rest live in homes that are very close to us.  All of them have loving families and great personalities!  We breed for temperament and conformation.  Cuteness is an added bonus!

Above is Levi-  16 pounds. He is a beautiful red tuxedo boy that has a lot of love to give.  He has retired from the program, but I keep his picture here for past puppy owners
The red tuxedo above is Logan.  He weighs 16 pounds.  He has his father's (Levi) beautiful markings mixed with his mother's (Rosie) dark red color. He is also just as sweet as both of them.  He lives in a guardian home and will join our program in late 2017.
Above is Cooper!  He is a full AKC registered Cocker Spaniel and full brother to our Sheba.  He is a blue merle sable color. He weighs 15 pounds and will produce smaller puppies.  He loves his toys and is never far from his ball.  Cooper lives in a guardian home and has three lovely children to spoil him daily.
Above is Clifford.   He was named by my daughter after Clifford the big red dog.  He is a Moyen size poodle and weighs 30 pounds.  He has a very loving and active personality.  His favorite things to do are chase a ball, go swimming, and give kisses.

This Red Dreamboat is Biscuit!  He is as red as a firecracker.  He lives with a guardian family very close by and we visit him on a regular basis.  He is quite the cuddle bug and loves to give kisses!  He was born in September 2013 and weighs 17 pounds.  

This is Chip Born on 5/29/12, weighs 24 pounds and is an 2nd generation Cockapoo with a thick heavy curly coat.  He loves to curl up and snuggle.  He really doesn't care who he snuggles with as long as he is in a lap.  He loves ALL puppies and has the best personality.  He is so gentle and loving.  He is awesome stud that produces strong chocolates. 
The Buff is Buster Boy!  Buster weighs 28 pounds and is an F2 cockapoo.  He is a playful fun loving and energetic male.  He lives in a guardian home and loves to be around his people.  Buster has been trained as a 4H show dog by their 6th grader and he did very good at the show.  I love that I get to groom him and spend time with him on a regular basis.
Dex is a dark chocolate AKC Cocker Spaniel that weighs 25 pounds.   He is a goof ball and loves being outside.  He goes swimming in the creek and loves to run the property.  He is trained off lead and stays close to the house.  You can see the training collar on him, as soon as he hears the beep he comes running back to his master.  He is a very smart and not to mention beautiful dog. 
Mr. Harry is a chocolate merle F3 Cockapoo that weighs in at 28 pounds.  He has 2 striking blue eyes.  He has 4 kids to spoil him at his guardian home.  He loves to chase a ball, go on car rides, and be with his family.  Cockapoos make the best family pets ever and Harry is a prime example of this.
Pheonix is a beautiful Apricot/Red F2b Cockapoo weighing 15 pounds.  His guardian likes to keep his hair cut like a poodle, so he looks like one, but he is a Cockapoo.  He does have an extra poodle gene, so he will only produce curly non-shedding teddy bear puppies.  He has a vivacious personality and is EXTREMELY loyal to his person. Everyday he lays around the house waiting for her to get home from school and when she does he comes alive.  
Rylie is pictured above!  He is an F2 Cockapoo and weighs right at 20 pounds.  He listens very well and loves being the center of attention.  He is accustomed  to getting all of the love one dog can handle.  He lives with a dear friend that lost her husband last year and he provides her with company.
This Apricot cutie is Austin the poodle.  He weighs 23 pounds and is such a lover.  He has the best personality and listens very well.  He is super smart and has a very soft coat.  Austin is a mommas boy and loves to be with me. 
Jasper is a stunning chocolate merle Cocker Spaniel that weighs 24 pounds.  He has a striking calico coloring.  He lives with a guardian and is a 4H show dog for their youngest.  He loves to run and chase anything.  Swimming in the pool or the creek are his favorite!
Coco is the black (blue) girl pictured above.  She is an F1 that we kept from Sheba and Clifford's first litter.  She has a gorgeous coat and is a very kind dog.  She is super quiet and hardly ever barks. She loves to be with her people.  Coco lives with a guardian.
Daisy (AKA ZZTopp) is a very small petite girl weighing only 14 pounds.  She is very independent and content watching the other dogs.  When it is time to play she will get a burst of energy and go for a bit, but then settles nicely.  Daisy lives with a guardian family.
This little love bug is S'more.  She is a teeny thing only weighing 14 pounds.  She is considered a sable parti.  She has the most gorgeous amber colored eyes.  S'more has an eager personality, she wants to be the first to greet everyone that visits.  She lives with a guardian.
Izzy is this girl all decked out for St. Patricks Day.  She has a very soft silky coat.  She is an F2b Cockapoo that we kept from Lola and Clifford.  Izzy loves to go for rides and run around the park.  She is very good off leash and has trained quickly.  Her guardian family loves her.  She weighs 27 pounds. 
Snickers is the light apricot F2 Cockapoo above.  She was kept from Gizmo and Levi's first litter.  Snickers lives with a guardian family that has 3 children.  She loves to chase a ball and be the center of attention.  Snickers is a bit of a drama queen, but we love her all the same.  She is on the smaller side only weighing 14 pounds. 
This Cocker Spaniel is Ladybella.  She is a beautiful blue merle with tan points.  She is a sweetheart.  More of a follower than a leader.  She is very smart and loyal. 
The above picture is of Gizmo at 9 months old.  Below is a picture of her at 2 years old.  It is important that you know when considering a certain breeding they may fade or darken with age.  Temperament is more important to us than color.  We strive to produce the best family companion ever, and you can not get any better than Gizmo.
Gizmo is our Chocolate phantom F1 Cockapoo that is very calm and laid back.  She has a beautiful thick coat.  Gizmo weighs 17 pounds.
Above is Latte.  She weighs 35 pounds and is a Moyen Poodle.  She has a wonderful disposition that is laid back and easy going.  She loves any attention she gets, but is not over demanding.
Paisley is the cream poodle and she is sisters to Latte.  Paisley is very gentle and has wonderful manners.  She will talk to you using her mouth to guide you to where she wants you to go.  She is precious and has the softest coat of any poodle I have met.
This is our famous Lilli!  She lives in a guardian home.  Every time I show someone her picture the say....ooooo I want her!  I love the marbling of her caramel and chocolate colors and her white highlights throughout.  She was born in September 2013 and weighs 24 pounds.
The Red Girl on the left is Mia and the Chocolate merle Parti on the right is Sophia.  These girls live together in a guardian home.  Mia is more a princess diva dog that loves to get groomed, wear bows in her hair, wear clothes, and get pampered.  She weighs 16 pounds and is on the smaller side.  Sophia on the other hand will be the first one to roll in the mud, tree a squirrel, and chase a rabbit.  Her hunting instincts are strong and she loves to be outdoors.  Sophia weighs 21 pounds.  Both of these girls have a special place on the couch to snuggle with their humans every night. 
Meet "Spunkie Punkie Brewster"  aka Punkie.  She weighs 24 pounds and is a large mini or moyen size poodle.  She lives with us and is a complete daddies girl.  Punkie, Gizmo, and Lola do not even know I exist when daddy is around.  She loves to jump and and run the back yard with the other dogs.  She can get cleaned up nice, but she likes to play in the dirt. 
Penny is a beautiful Red and White Parti Standard Poodle that weighs 50 pounds.  She is the largest dog that we have and will produce larger puppies.  They will be the size of Goldendoodle puppies.  Penny is the most affectionate dog here.  She does not give kisses, but will lean her head into your chest as to give you a hug.  She wants to be by my side at all times.  I love that she will smile at you when you talk to her. 
This is Annabelle our Blue Standard Poodle with Chocolate tips.  She weighs in at 45 pounds.  She has an old soul and acts like she understands every word you say to her.  She is my best friend and will sit and listen to me talk all day. 
Above is Misty.  She lives in a guardian home and has a lovely apricot thick coat.  She is a laid back girl and has made her forever family very happy.  Misty weighs 19 pounds. 
Above is Rosie!  She is a gorgeous dark red lady that is always ready to play.  She lives in a guardian home nearby with 4 children.  They brag about how smart she is all the time.  She knows several tricks and is so easy to train.  Rosie weighs 22 pounds.
This cutie is ZoeyShe is a very funny girl that always has something to say.  She is not extremely barky, but it is almost like she is talking to you.  She weighs 15 pounds and is a chocolate phantom.
Meeko is a stunning blue merle F2 female that we kept form our Holly.  She is 20 pounds full grown.  She has one fully blue eye and the other is partially blue.  She will produce some gorgeous merle puppies.  She lives with a guardian and has her own doggie door to a huge fenced in back yard.  She loves to be around people and will cover you in kisses if you let her. 
Lucy an F2b is pictured above.  She is ready for a haircut in the picture, but I love a beautiful shaggy dog.  Lucy is considered a cream sable because when she is cut short she is cream-white, but when her hair grows out the tips are reddish.  Lucy weighs 22 pounds and lives with a forever guardianShe is a little quirky always steeling socks.  She wants to be in your lap at all times.
Above is Sheba a pure bred Cocker Spaniel.  She is AKC registered and weighs 20 pounds.  Her color is blue merle sable.  When she was born her coat was almost completely black, but by 3-4 months old she had morphed into this lovely red color.  Some of her puppies will do the same thing.  She looks a little grumpy in this photo, but she is a very loyal companion.  She is the guard dog around here.  Sheba loves attention and being around people.  When I sleep at night she curls around my shoulders to keep me warm. 
Above is Mocha our chocolate Merle phantom.  She weighs 16 pounds.  Mocha has a sweet disposition and loves to snuggle around your neck across your shoulders when you sit on the couch.  She enjoys running outside and is a natural leader.  She resides in a guardian home, but visits often.
We will consider stud service on a case by case basis.  Approved females will be required to have a Brucellosis test prior to breeding.  Fee will either be pick of litter or $2000.00.