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Past Puppies

These puppies are living with their new families.  If you are serious about purchasing a puppy and would like to speak to someone that has previously adopted from us, I have a list of references.  SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.  I do not want to take advantage of their kindness to be a reference. 

The following video is the coolest update we have ever received from a customer.  You will see one of our beloved Lola X Biscuit puppies (Watson) grow through a series of 1 second videos every day.  Watson is an apricot color.
Bella is a stunning Chocolate Tuxedo.  A true tuxedo will have the full white chest and white on each paw.  Some people claim they are selling a "Tuxedo" but without the white paws you just have a white chest. 

Meet Bailey at 7 weeks old, the pictures below are at 9 months old of Bailey.  He is a beautiful F2 cockapoo with a curly non-shedding coat.   His coloring is Chocolate Parti. 


The new owners wrote to tell me...


"He is so loving and is bringing us great joy.  Our whole neighborhood has fallen in love with him."


This is Stuart at 6 weeks old, the picture below is at 3 months old and the last picture is at 6 months old.  He is considered a flat coat or a Cocker Throw back F2 puppy.  His hair has not been cut in any of these pictures.  I love this look!  They are stunning.  An F2 litter will produce 1/4 of it this way.


Here is a lovely letter from his owner.


"Stuart is a beautiful dog.  Everywhere we go, people fall in love with his looks and his coat.  We are consistently complimented on how beautiful he is.  Looks aside, Stuart has really been a angel.  His presence has changed the feel of the house for the better, and his companionship and playfulness has brought new joy and vitality into our family.  From my family to yours, thank you!"

This is a 6 week old picture of Bogey whom recently flew to his new home in Canada.  His coloring is "Chocolate Phantom."  I wanted to share his picture to show some of the different color patterns to choose from. 

Meet Kaitlin and "Indy the puppy"  enjoying the Mississippi sun!  They are a wonderful match!  Indy will be moving to College with Kaitlin soon.  We wish them both the best of luck!