Upcoming Litters

Born : 

Angel x Rizzo

Born: 10/23/19

Selection: 11/27/19

Ready: 12/18/19

 Smaller size around 12-17 pounds as adults.
all cream color.  Possible blue eyes. 2 females and 4 males.

Dam: Angel

Sire: Rizzo

From Left to Right.

Male #1, Male #3, Male #4, Male #2, Female #1, and Female #2

Punkie x Harry

Born: 11/2/19


Ready: 12/28/19

Expected to be 20-30 pounds as adults.  2 Apricot males. 1 chocolate merle female. 1 chocolate female. 

Dam: Punkie

Sire: Rizzo

From left to right: Red collar male, Yellow Collar female, White Collar female, and Blue Collar Male

Sheba x Rizzo

Born: 11/18/19


Ready: 1/13/20

Expected to be 15-20 pounds as adults.  1 red male, 1 red female, 1 parti male, 2 merle females, 1 merle male, and 1 sable female

Dam: Sheba

Sire: Rizzo

Due Dates in the future:

November 17

Piper x Charlie

15-20 pounds

Expect chocolates and chocolate merle

Dam: Piper

Sire: Charlie

November 26

Panda x Bo

30-40 pounds

Expect all colors and merle

Dam: Panda

Sire: Bo

November 27

Heartly x Harry

30-40 pounds

Expect chocolate merle

Dam: Heartly

Sire: Harry

December 5

Hazel x Rizzo

15-20 pounds

Expect apricots and reds. Possible white markings.

Dam: Hazel

Sire: Rizzo

December 9

Penny x Ramsey

30-50 pounds

Expect Red with white markings and Red Parti

Dam: Penny

Sire: Ramsey

December 10

Mavis x Austin

20-30 pounds

Expect chocolate and reds

Dam: Mavis

Sire: Austin

December 14

Addie x Chewy

20-25 pounds

All colors possible

Dam: Addie

Sire: Chewy

December 24

Smore x Zues

12-18 pounds

Expect parti and merles in all colors

Dam: S'more

Sire: Zues

December 25

Mia x Winston

12-18 pounds

Expect red/apricot

Dam: Mia

Sire: Winston

December 30

Sophia x Chewy

15-20 pounds

All colors possible

Dam: Sophia

Sire: Chewy

December 31

Rippley x Rizzo

15-20 pounds

All colors expected

Dam: Rippley

Sire: Rizzo